BEAUTY – Take cover

Too self-conscious to wear swimwear or shorts because of marks on your legs? Blend some Coverderm Perfect Legs cream over varicose/spider veins or scars, and stride out. Like the Coverderm concealer for face, this cream is waterproof and light but it’s not easy to blend it well. I dabbed it on my dog bitten legs (the result of breaking up fights) and despite my inexpert application, the bruises were less visible. With a brush, I probably could have hidden the fang tears as well as the surrounding discolouration but at least I didn’t look like I’d been mauled by wild animals.

$60 for a 50ml tube, in 9 shades from John Little stores in Marina Square and Plaza Singapura. And while you’re shopping, check out the Coverderm facial concealers to cover pigmentation marks and scars. Concealer is the secret to many a flawless countenance. See how others get a flawless finish –

 Coverderm Cosmetics Make up.m4v – YouTube


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